Who are we?


The Fake Magazine is an online magazine which originated in Istanbul, established in New York.

New Yorkers are born all around the world and then find their way into this crazy and mesmerizing city, in which they will no longer feel like an outsider, or in which they can hide amongst the other outsiders and they become the FAKE New Yorkers.

Inspired by the stories of the thousands from all around the world, either settled or trying to settle, either succeeded or yet to succeed, maybe has just failed and failed only, that will fail again and again, The Fake Magazine is seeking to reach those adventurers.

If you are one of us, a Fake New Yorker,  find us-share your stories with us. Inspire them. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Let them hear you.

Or  if you just want to have a sincere look at the most fast-paced and complicated city in the world, again follow us!

To share your stories  tips@thefakemagazine.com
To reach us hello@thefakemagazine.com


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